Peletería Campoy opened its doors in 1960 by the hand of Luis Campoy and Joana Fernandez, both with previous experience in the sector. After 50 years of extensive experience, the company currently consists of personnel specialized in design and manufacture of skin, and the management team, administrative and customer service.

The company located in Santa Maria de Palautordera town about 50km from Barcelona, has manufacturing workshop, clothing and fur store, office and store of 300 m2. In addition, to the outskirts of town we have a 200 m2 Outlet garments from previous seasons at discount prices.

We specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of garments nappa, suede, and fur double face. We work with the best selection of leather tanning plants from major Spanish. More than 25 professionals at your service to meet your needs quickly. We are present in countries like Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, United States and Portugal.

FUR, CLOTHING STORES, SELLING FUR, Confection leather, suede, nubuck, nappa leather jackets design, making clothes from skin, youthful and classic lines.
Plaça de la Vila,2 · Santa Maria de Palautordera · 08460 · Barcelona
T.938 481 000 · peleteriacampoy@peleteriacampoy.com / xminformàtica